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    It is planned to hold 1hr sailing slots on both Saturday & Sunday so each sailor can experience the fun of the 29'er. We will have a few boats available on the day.
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    Code of Behaviour/Conduct

    Criteria required for running of happy, safe, sporting environment
    (in accordance with Dept of Health & Children recommended Code of Ethics and Good Practice)

    Focus on the fun and participation of the child in the activity.
    Focus on the child’s efforts rather than performance.

    Sailors are entitled to:
    - Participate on an equal basis appropriate to their ability and stage of development.
    - Be treated with dignity, sensitivity and respect.
    - Be happy, have fun and enjoy sport.
    - Make a complaint in an appropriate way and have it dealt with through an effective complaints procedure.

    Sailors should undertake to:
    - Respect opponents. They are not enemies – they are partners in sport.
    - Give opponents a hand if they are injured or have problems with equipment.
    - Accept apologies from opponents when they are offered.
    - Be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.
    - Approach the Senior Instructor with any questions or concerns they may have.
    - Be safety conscious at all times.

    Sailors should not cheat, bully or spread rumours.

    - Wear protective equipment – it is deemed necessary and should be used.
    - In light of the above sailors must:
    - Attend each day on time and participate fully on each day of each course.
    - Dress appropriately – wetsuit, booties and buoyancy aid.
    - Follow instructions or assignments given by instructors.
    - Not use alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and should note that smoking is prohibited.
    - Treat boats, forecourt, changing rooms and facilities with respect. (You will be responsible for any damage,
    - theft or misconduct in which you participate.)
    - Borrowing or stealing of equipment from boats will not be tolerated. (Taking anything from a boat without
    - the owner’s permission is stealing and will be treated as such.)
    - Each sailor will be responsible for his/her gear ensuring everything is marked clearly.
    - If any sailors are to be sanctioned they and their parents will be informed.
    - If any party is unhappy with the sanctions they may appeal to a disciplinary committee appointed by the Club. Their decision will be final.


    To be reviewed by Parent with Child :

    I _____________________ am a junior sailor participating on a Royal St. George Yacht Club course and understand that while taking part on the courses and any events at the club, I will:

    • Show respect to fellow sailors, instructors, Club staff and those helping to run regattas, events and courses.
    • Obey all instructors’ directions, event rules on and off the water and Club rules.
    • Attend each day on time and participate fully on the course.
    • Dress appropriately: i.e. wetsuits, booties and buoyancy aid.

    I will never:

    • Steal, use or remove any gear that does not belong to me.
    • Break laws relating to alcohol, non-prescribed drugs and tobacco.
    • Cheat, bully or spread rumours.

    As a Sailor I am entitled to:

    • Participate on an equal basis.
    • Be treated with dignity.
    • Be happy, have fun and enjoy the course both on the water and ashore.

    I understand that if it is found that any junior has not adhered to the above guidelines the following actions may be pursued:

    • A warning.
    • Suspension from the course.
    • Suspension from the Club.

  • I accept the Code of Conduct and Declation - please tick box below *